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Whole Wheat Flour - Neareshop

  • Aashirvaad Atta Select 5kg


    The Sharbati wheat grain is considered to be one of India’s most valuable food resources due to its high quality and perfect texture. AASHIRVAAD Select Atta is only made from the most carefully selected Sharbati wheat grains. These wheat grains are sourced directly from the farmers of Madhya Pradesh to make sure that only the highest quality whole wheat flour is produced. The softest rotis in India are hand-made with love, hard work, and the exceptional quality of AASHIRVAAD Select Atta. These rotis stay softer for a long time, retaining their moisture for longer due to the higher water absorption rate of the Atta.

  • Dabang Sharbati Wheat 30kg


    Sharbati wheat is a regional selection of atta, derived from the wheat developed in the Sehore and Vidisha areas of MP. The grains of Sharbati atta are larger in size and has a gold sheen to it. Lately, Punjab in India is famous for its greatest agricultural produce, such as wheat. On the other hand, the sharbati version from MP stays up a notch the Punjab versions also. A fascinating fact about Sharbati atta is that drought brings out the highest quality within this wheat. This wheat germ is owned by your Triticum Aestivum household. The area growing Sharbati wheat, don’t automatically have an organized, large scale cultivation of the crop. This ends up raising the protein content of the wheat by nearly 2% more when compared with this wheat atta. This also contributes to Sharbati wheat harvest skipping the need for pesticides used. Thus the bread out of sharbati wheat harvest automatically qualifies to get a much better flour over the remainder. Because of the natural manner Sharbati wheat is farmed, it retains a response to lots of health problems that are typical now. With everybody hankering for a much healthier way to eat, Sharbati wheat, from the virtue of its farming, avoids the use of pesticides and insecticides which makes it a nutritious option.

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